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ISBN: 9780099479536

FILENAME: A Lie About My Father.pdf

PUBLISH DATE: 08 Apr 2011

this film means a lot to me. harry brogan who plays the lead is my father and i worked as his stand in on the film. i have never seen the full film and have searched the net for it. so if anybody has seen it or has a copy or knows where i might be able to get a copy, i would be forever grateful. the film was shot in black and white, made in ...


A moving, unforgettable memoir of two lost men: a father and his child.He had his final heart attack in the Silver Band Club in Corby, somewhere between the bar and the cigarette machine. A foundling; a fantasist; a morose, threatening drinker who was quick with his hands, he hadn't seen his son for years. John Burnside's extraordinary story of this failed relationship is a beautifully written evocation of a lost and damaged world of childhood and the constants of his father's world: men defined by the drink they could take and the pain they could stand, men shaped by their guilt and machismo.A Lie About My Father is about forgiving but not forgetting, about examining the way men are made and how they fall apart, about understanding that in order to have a good son you must have a good father.Saltire Scottish Book of the Year and the Scottish Arts Council Non-Fiction Book of the Year.

Beautifully written, sensitively observed - a father-and-son memoir. I could see from the prose the man is a poet. I loved the reflections on 'disappearing', the wildness we seek to find.

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